One-hour coaching

Mildred offers one-off one-hour coaching sessions to assist individuals on a variety of career and life topics. Some of these include:

  • Advice on improving your CV and/or cover letter
  • Advice on changing your job or career
  • Advice on setting and reaching your career goals
  • Advice on setting and reaching your solopreneur / small business goals
  • Advice on maximising your LinkedIn profile to attract business or job opportunities
  • Advice on how to identify and market your personal brand
  • Advice on communication and PR for your solo enterprise / small business
  • Advice on writing / publishing your book
  • Advice on setting up your blog / podcast

The one-hour coaching call is designed to give you sound advice and, where applicable, a strategy to help take you from where you are now to where you want to go next.

If you can’t see your specific need here, please get in contact.

Cost: £150 

How it works

Step 1: Make the £150 payment via Paypal here

Step 2: Email Mildred with your availability and which area of coaching you want (please provide at least three date and time options)

Step 3: Complete Mildred’s booking form, providing more background about your area of need (this will be emailed to you after Step 2)

Step 4: Speak with Mildred and stay in touch afterwards!

Please do feel free to get in contact prior to booking if you have any questions. Phone call sessions take place via Skype, making it suitable for non-UK and international clients also.